How Organizations can leverage Digital Assessment and Training Tools in Human Resource Management

Digital tools such as Safemark software’s eValuator application, are slowly replacing the traditional manual methods of conducting assessments, tests and in-house employee training that have existed for decades.  Here is a look at some of the ways these solutions can be used in today’s digital world.

Selection, recruitment and pre-employment screening

Traditional recruitment methods within organizations are sometimes plagued with subjectivity in decision making. Often, a potential recruit can display outstanding qualities during oral interviews and yet fail to deliver the same on the job.  With the introduction of online work-related personality assessments, recruitment drives do away with the subjective aspect of traditional paper based and oral interviews. 

Digital assessment solutions such as eValuator  enables an organization to set up or purchase work related assessments that are able to measure a candidate’s attitude and ability to work with others, ability to manage projects, behaviour towards co-workers and managers, ability to cope with stress in the workplace, decision making capability, and the level of creative thinking.  This ensures an all rounded assessment of a candidate is conducted that ensures the only right candidates are selected for the Job.


Training, skills development and competency management

HR Personnel one can track and manage the skills and abilities of an organization’s staff and compare them against their business goals. This includes performing skills gap analyses and recommending prescriptive learning solutions to correct gaps in the skill base of the organization. This is advantageous to organizations, since it is timely and cost-effective.

Statistics from these systems can also be used to understand skills and competencies of staff. A staff member can complete a gap analysis evaluation that will determine where they lack the skills and competencies necessary to perform in their role. Once an employee’s skill gaps have been determined, this data can be leveraged to help compose a personalized learning plan that will fill those knowledge gaps and increase the employee’s skills.

Induction Training

The induction of new employees can be a long process requiring man power and time. Digital systems such as eValuator  allows for a new employee to have instant access to training content which reduces the time it would take for the employee to learn the processes and procedures of the organization. This ensures they align themselves with the organization needs quickly with minimal supervision and cost.

Skill assessment and job matching

Human resource department can also use these tools in accessing skills within the organization and matching the right persons to the right roles and responsibilities. This would go a long way in eliminating role ambiguity, role conflict, and aid in classification of the human resources available.

About eValuator 

eValuator  is a web based system that allows you to manage and run any type of assessment with ease.  Our digital solution enables organizations easily create and manage any type of aptitude, personality and neuropsychological tests commonly used for recruitment, pre-employment screening, and employee training, promotion and personnel development.

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