The Advanced Intelligence and Investigations Management System codenamed iCrime facilitate the management of all aspects of intelligence and investigations managements and prosecution processes specifically designed for Law enforcement and investigative units. The system contains cutting edge visualization features, analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Some of the features include

  • Central Intelligence Repository with artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Electronic Case Files.
  • Investigations Management.
  • Workflow Engine.
  • Document Management.
  • Resource Management.
  • Content Management.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Electronic and Physical Exhibit management.
  • Court process management and Evidence visualization.

Key Features

Legal Management

  • Management of all legal related matters related to a case.
  • Generation of a brief of evidence or a case file. (Document Assembly)
  • Electronic and Physical Exhibit management.
  • Management of the entire litigation process.
  • Appointments, tasks and deadline management.

Intelligence Module

  • Visualize relationships between investigations, suspects, exhibits and other entities.
  • Central intelligence repository with search capabilities.
  • Creation of links and associations with related entities.

Case Management Module

  • Handle the entire case and investigations processes.
  • Workload Management.
  • Case allocation and prioritization.
  • Provide a channel for assigning and managing tasks and duties.
  • Provide alerts to investigators on cases and tasks assigned to them.
  • Provide a channel for sharing information and data in regards to investigations.

Document Management

  • This module handles the management of all related documents that are created or attached within the system.
  • Desired functionality includes: Version control.
  • Ability to search through the documents attached.

Where iCrime is used

Banks, Insurance companies and other financial institutions

  • Business intelligence.
  • Management of employee and client cases both internal and external.
  • Presentation of evidence and management of any civil litigation processes.

Police, Military, Investigation and Security Agencies

  • Management of the Crime investigations process.
  • Intelligence and counter surveillance work.
  • Evidence presentation and management of all court related processes.

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