This Ethics Management System enables organizations manage an ethics infrastructure and maintain all the data and information generated by compliance testing. The system offers a powerful, fully integrated environment designed to enable organizations manage all aspects of reporting, compliance testing and ethics management.

Some of the features include

  • Reports management.
  • Ethics Management.
  • Organizational Mapping (policies, procedures, structures).
  • Proactive monitors for indicators, guidelines, government rules and regulations etc.
  • Integrity Testing.
  • Reporting and charting.

Key Features

Pre-Employment Screening

  • Create a psychometric test (Questions, Answers, Scales) .
  • Administer psychometric tests.
  • Score and rate a psychometric test.
  • Visualize results and generate reports in real time.

Case Management Module

  • Workload Management.
  • Case allocation and prioritization.
  • Provide a channel for assigning and managing tasks and duties.
  • Provide alerts to investigators on cases and tasks assigned to them.
  • Record time spent working on a case .

Reporting Module

  • Receive and process all reports.
  • Analysis and distribution of reports received.
  • Maintain correspondences and track all referrals made to other external agencies.
  • Easy analysis and distribution of reports through workflows.
  • Inbuilt intelligence allowing related complaints to be automatically flagged and associated .

Analysis and Visualization Module

  • Identification of trends, patterns and risk prone areas through the review of historic data and reports. .
  • Resource utilization and management.
  • Visual charting and analysis tools.
  • Generate reports in real time.

Where Ethics Manager is used

Banking and Financial Services

  • Save money lost due to internal fraud by creating an environment that upholds staff integrity and ethics.
  • Create and enforce policies that are well known to members of staff.
  • Enable anonymous internal reporting and documentation.

Government Agencies

  • Uphold integrity of staff through continuous integrity tests.
  • Manage an ethics framework that ensures that all staff know and uphold the rules and regulations that have been set.

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