The eReports System is a solution used for the management of any type of complaints or information submitted to your organization through various channels. The solution aids in the categorization, classification and collation of information received and provides a workflow that ensures that reports are analyzed and distributed accordingly.

Benefits of using eReports

  • Protect the Identity of whistleblowers who provide your organization with information.
  • Continuously communicate with your whistleblowers and informers through a number of channels even when whistleblowers are anonymous.
  • Transparency and Efficiency in the handling and management of reports.
  • Automatic notifications that ensure reports are always dealt with quickly.

Key Features

Anonymous Reporting

  • Whistleblowers can continuously communicate with the organization, submit new information or view progress of their reports without revealing their identity.
  • Totally Secure Platform for both internal and external whistleblowers to report on.

Reports Management

  • Single management interface for the multiple channels of reporting (Sms, Email, Telephone, Web, Fax, Mobile reporting, etc).
  • Total control over the collection, categorization,classification and collation of all the reports.


  • Easy analysis and distribution of reports received.
  • Automatic notifications through emails.
  • Easy analysis and distribution of reports through comprehensive workflows.


  • Inbuilt Intelligence allowing related complaints to be automatically flagged and associated.

Where eReports is used

Government Departments / Commissions / Ministries.

  • Receive and process complaints, corruption reports, issues and concerns from various channels.
  • Process reports in a structured and systematic manner.
  • Comply with performance contracting requirements and more specifically the corruption eradication and the resolution of public complaints criteria.

Hospitals and Clinics

  • Replace the outdated suggestion box with an electronicFF system that ensures all your customer comments, suggestions for improvement and issues are properly reported and processed.

Corporates and Retail

  • Gather valuable feedback from your clients and customers in a professional and systematic manner.

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